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The Rochester Coalition for Public Education's main purposes are to provide educators, parents, students and the Rochester Community, clear, research-based information regarding progressive education reform and to actively influence local, state and federal education policy-makers to implement those reforms which will help students gain the skills necessary to become responsible, active, joyful citizens. 


Adam Urbanski : President: Rochester Teachers Association
Aiyana Smith: U of R Graduate Student for Elementary Education
Arlette Miller Smith : Education Professor, St. John Fisher College
Bill Cala : Retired Supt. of Fairport Central School District & Former Interim Supt.of Rochester City School District; Founder and president           of Joining Hearts and Hands ltd
Candice Rubin: Rochester City School District Teacher
Cecilia Golden: Hillside Childrens' Services Education Director & Former RCSD Instructional Services Director
Chojy Schroeder: Retired RCSD ESL Teacher
Dan Drmacich: Retired School Without Walls Principal; Co-facilitator
Eileen Graham: Founder of Black Student Leadership and NYSAPE Steering Committee Member, Parent Advocate
David Hursh: Professor of Education; University of Rochester
Dick Ford: Retired Superintendent of Palmyra-Macedon
Donna Eggleston: Retired Teacher,
Eamon Scanlon: Education Director; The Childrens" Agenda
Gerald Coles: Education researcher & author
Gwen Clifton: RCSD parent
Henry Padron: RCSD Bilingual Teacher
Howard Maffucci: Retired Supt. of East Rochester Central Schools & Monroe County Legislator; Co-facilitator
Jack Langerak: Retired Penfield Teacher & Art Education Consultant
Jeff Liles: Professor of Education; St. John Fisher College
Joel Helfrich: Education Professor of Environmental Ed. & Organizer for the proposed Rochester River School
Joellen Maples: Ed. Professor, St. John Fisher College
John Kozlowski: Spencerport  Teachers Association President
Mike Baker: University of Rochester Doctoral Student
Paul Hetland: Rochester Teacher
Paul Hypolite: NYSUT Political Organizer
Pete Veronesi: Professor of Science Education; SUNY College @ Brockport
Richard Ryan: Professor University of Rochester and the Australian Catholic University
Rod Vane, Retired Business Manager and concerned parent
Shawgi Tell: Professor of Education; Nazareth College
Tim Glander: Professor of Ed.; Nazareth College
Tom Gallagher: REtired Supt. of Wheatland-Chili Central School District
Tom Gillette: Retired NYSUT Regional Director for Rochester
Victoria Robertson: RCSD Parent; School #12 PTO Rep
Walida Monroe: RCSD parent